• 1978 Trans Am Special Edition (Y88 Gold) Complete Stripe Kit
  • 1978 Trans Am Special Edition (Y88 Gold) Complete Stripe Kit
  • 1978 Trans Am Special Edition (Y88 Gold) Complete Stripe Kit
  • 1978 Trans Am Special Edition (Y88 Gold) Complete Stripe Kit
  • 1978 Trans Am Special Edition (Y88 Gold) Complete Stripe Kit
  • 1978 Trans Am Special Edition (Y88 Gold) Complete Stripe Kit

1978 Pontiac Trans Am Y88 Gold Edition Stripe Kit

$ 17.85$ 768.00

1978 Pontiac Trans Am Y88 Gold Edition Stripe Kit

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1978 Pontiac Trans Am Y88 Gold Edition Stripe Kit 

NOTE: Only one remaining kit is in stock.

  1. This premium kit features screened inks on vinyl which are color matched to the original GM stripe with a clear coat applied afterwards. The $300.00 kit features pre-made brown metailic vinyl which is close but by screening on inks color matched to the GM stripe insures a match. Another difference is that the metallics in screened inks are more defined.
  2. The stripes around the headlight/fender and front/rear bumpers are screened on clear vinyl as were the original factory GM stripes along with the fender vent stripes use that process. The $300.00 kit features cut vinyl without the clear since the only way to correctly make them is to screen the brown metallic color on a clear vinyl.
  3. Tooling is required to manufacture the $768.00 kit. Both steel rule dies along with the use of magnesium dies a total of 12 in all are required. When this kit was released in 1991 all stripes were recreated from the original GM stripe in the box. Depending on the stripe GM incorporated notches for alignment or in some cases extra material was left on the stripe backer to pre-space them in a specific place. For those wanting a correct factory look this is a must. The $300.00 kit features computer cut stripes on a sheet of pigmented vinyl not screened vinyl like the original factory stripes. The stripes must also be cutoff the sheet since there is no tooling used. With the $768.00 kit all stripes are ready to use like the factory GM parts.  If  you want the appearance without the cost then we recommend the economy kit as an alternative. But most importantly you the customer have the choice.
  4. The choice is yours, for those wanting a 100% factory style kit then the premium kit is your answer. Only Stencils & Stripes Unlimited manufactures this kit.

PLEASE NOTE: The hood bird and decals are not included in the stripe kit. The hood bird decal kit is presently on backorder.


GM Was First…
We Were Second…To offer a preformed screen printed stripe kit in May of 1991


Shown is one of the 7 steel rule dies used in the final step of manufacturing our preformed Special Edition strip kits. By using this die we can recreate any alignment notches or locating tabs that were on the original factory stripes. This die is used after the magnesium die pictured to the right, which is first heated up and then applied to the silk screen vinyl sheet. This die melts the stripe impression that is in the die. After the mag. die process then the waste material is discarded and the final step is the steel rule die stamping. You will notice on the die there are rubber strips surrounding the steel rule. This sponge rubber prevents the sheet from sticking to the steel rule die.


All 1976-78 stripes are PRE-FORMED like the originals.
On original factory stripes, the gold color would oxidize and fall off. Our stripes are PRE-FORMED like the originals. Our stripes are exact repro-ductions, featuring correct contour and urethane clear coating insure the color remains intact.

Shown below is stripe from Black Special Edition  model.

Did you know our premium stripe kit features the correct notches for wrap around and built in spacing material for placement shown is a door stripe

“…If you call some decal companies they will try to sell you a roll of gold pin-striping and tell you how easy it is to install it around the curves of your T/A. Don’t believe it. Each pinstripe from Stencils & Stripes is die cut to match the curves of your T/A.
– Bandit T/A Club Newsletter
Fall 1994


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 1976-81 Unleaded Fuel Decal


 Pontiac 14 and 15 inch Rally Wheel Paint Mask Kit

Weight 5 lbs
1978 Y-88 Trans Am

Y-88 Brown Metallic Stripe Kit, Y-88 Brown Metallic Premium Stripe Kit, #15 Shaker stripe, #16 rear hood stripe, #18 roof center stripe, #2 front bumper spoiler stripe, #26 center rear spoiler stripe, #29 trunk lid stripe, #30 lower rear window stripe, Left front bumper stripe, Right front bumper stripe, #24 lf. front flare spoiler outer stripe, #20 rt. front flare spoiler stripe, Left upper rear bumper stripe, Right upper rear bumper stripe, Left lower rear bumper stripe., Right lower rear bumper stripe, Lf. fender vent air extractor stripe, rt. fender vent air extractor stripe, #8 lf. mirror stripe, #8 rt. mirror stripe, #9 left door stripe, # 9 rt. door stripe, #13 left outer shaker hood stripe, 13 rt. left outer shaker hood stripe, #31 lf. outer rear window, #31 rt. outer rear window, #17 left windshield pillar stripe, #17 rt. windshield pillar stripe, #4 lf. fender wheel opening stripe, #4 rt. fender wheel opening stripe, #3 lf. fender wheel flare stripe, #3 rt. fender wheel flare stripe, #11 lf. quarter wheel opening stripe, #11 rt. quarter wheel opening stripe, #10 lf. rear flare stripe, #10 rt. wheel flare stripe, #19 lf. roof panel stripe, #19 rt. roof panel stripe, #22 lf. roof pillar stripe, #22 rt. roof pillar stripe, #28 lf. rear outer spoiler stripe, #28 rt. rear outer spoiler stripe