• 1978 Trans Am Special Edition (Y88 Gold) Complete Stripe Kit
  • 1979-81 Pontiac Trans Am - Special Edition Individual Stripes & Decals
  • 1978 Trans Am Special Edition (Y88 Gold) Complete Stripe Kit
  • 1979-81 Pontiac Trans Am - Special Edition Individual Stripes & Decals

1976-78 Trans Am – Special Edition Individual Stripes

$ 17.55$ 38.95

1979-81 Trans Am – Special Edition Individual Stripes & Decals

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1976-78 Trans Am – Special Edition Individual Stripes We are pleased to offer the preformed stripes for your  1976 through 1978 Trans Am. We have limited stock on the individual stripes saving you the cost of a full kit or using a pin stripe roll which will not form the same or depending on location as the original stripes. The stripes are color matched to the original factory formated color. The stripes are all recreated using original GM stripes for contour and correctly forming the tips. Included with your stripes is a squeegee and 3M vinyl information sheet.

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The number in the left column corresponds to the number in the illustration above.

LH-547487 RH-547488 Front Bumper $17.00 ea.
LH-547489   LH 549290 RH-547490  RH-549289 Grille   (1976)                                       Grille (1977-78)                                   $17.00 ea.
LH-547450 RH-547451 Hood Center Set 1977-78 $36.65
547453 (1976)          547291        (1977-78) Hood Shaker (Scoop) $18.95
547452 Hood Rear $38.50
LH-547467 RH-547468 Fender Rear at Windshield $16.95
LH-547469 RH-547470 Windshield Pillar & Upper Windshield $32.85
LH-547477 RH-547478 Mirror $21.95
547456 Roof Center $38.55
LH-547461 RH-547462 Door Belt Line $28.45
LH-547463 RH-547464 Remove Roof Panel $23.95
LH-547471 RH-547472 Sail Panel at Door Window $19.75
LH-547465 RH-547466 Rear Window $33.50
547458 Rear Window, Lower $32.75
547460 Rear Deck, Center $19.35
547455 Rear Deck Spoiler, Upper $28.88
547459 Rear Deck Spoiler, Lower $19.85
19 LH-547480 RH-547479 Rear Deck Spoiler, Lower $19.85
19 LH-547482 RH-547481 Ext Rear Deck Spoiler, Upper $19.75
20 LH-547483 RH-547484 Rear Bumper, Upper $21.00
21 547454 Front Center Spoiler $25.10
22 LH-547473 RH-547474 Frt. Wheel Opening Spoiler $23.45
23 LH-547493 RH-547494 Front Wheel Opening $28.45
24 LH-547491 RH-547492 Air Extractor $17.55
27 LH-547475 RH-547576 Rear Wheel Opening Spoiler $24.80
28 LH-547495 RH-547496 Rear Wheel Opening $33.40
29 LH-547485 RH-547486 Rear Bumper, Lower $17.00 ea.


3704485 150 Foot Roll, Both color and stripe widths are slightly different from factory GM pieces.$32.00

Roll Stripe


We Were Second…To offer a preformed screen printed stripe kit in May of 1991


Shown is one of the 7 steel rule dies used in the final step of manufacturing our preformed Special Edition strip kits. By using this die we can recreate any alignment notches or locating tabs that were on the original factory stripes. This die is used after the magnesium die pictured to the right, which is first heated up and then applied to the silk screen vinyl sheet. This die melts the stripe impression that is in the die. After the mag. die process then the waste material is discarded and the final step is the steel rule die stamping. You will notice on the die there are rubber strips surrounding the steel rule. This sponge rubber prevents the sheet from sticking to the steel rule die.


All 1976-81  stripes are PRE-FORMED like the originals.
On original factory stripes, the gold color would oxidize and fall off. Our stripes are PRE-FORMED like the originals. Our stripes are exact reproductions, featuring correct contour and urethane clear coating insure the color remains intact.


Did you know our premium stripe kit features the correct notches for wrap around and built in spacing material for placement shown is a door stripe

“…If you call some decal companies they will try to sell you a roll of gold pin-striping and tell you how easy it is to install it around the curves of your T/A. Don’t believe it. Each pinstripe from Stencils & Stripes is die cut to match the curves of your T/A.
– Bandit T/A Club Newsletter
Fall 1994


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 1976-81 Unleaded Fuel Decal


 Pontiac 14 and 15 inch Rally Wheel Paint Mask Kit

4 Wheel Disc Door Handle Decals

vintage garage mechanic shirt vin-007


Weight 5 lbs
1976-78 Special Edition

#15 Shaker stripe, #16 rear hood stripe, #16 Turbo rear hood stripe, #18 roof center stripe, #2 front bumper spoiler stripe, #26 center rear spoiler stripe, #29 trunk lid stripe, #30 lower rear window stripe, #1 front bumper stripe, #24 lf. front flare spoiler outer stripe, #20 rt. front flare spoiler stripe, #27 upper rear bumper stripe, #25 lower rear bumper stripe, #5 lf. fender vent air extractor stripe, #5 rt. fender vent air extractor stripe, #8 lf. mirror stripe, #8 rt. mirror stripe, #9 left door stripe, # 9 rt. door stripe, #13 Outer shaker hood stripe set 1977-78, #13 Outer shaker hood stripe set 1976, #31 lf. outer rear window, #31 rt. outer rear window, #17 left windshield pillar stripe, #17 rt. windshield pillar stripe, #4 lf. fender wheel opening stripe, #4 rt. fender wheel opening stripe, #3 lf. fender wheel flare stripe, #3 rt. fender wheel flare stripe, #11 lf. quarter wheel opening stripe, #11 rt. quarter wheel opening stripe, #10 lf. rear flare stripe, #10 rt. wheel flare stripe, #19 lf. roof panel stripe, #19 rt. roof panel stripe, #22 lf. roof pillar stripe, #22 rt. roof pillar stripe, #28 lf. rear outer spoiler stripe, #28 rt. rear outer spoiler stripe