1973 Road Runner Roof Strobe Stripe Kit

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1973 Road Runner Roof Strobe Stripe Kit

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1973 Plymouth Road Runner Roof Strobe Stripe Kit

Stripe kit Consist of:

Left & Right Fender Stripes.

Left & Right Door Stripes

Roof Stripe with Road Runner Name cut into roof stripe & running birds.

Included with vinyl stripe kit:

Vinyl Application Squeegee

3M Vinyl Application Sheet

Included with paint stencil kit:

Vinyl Application Squeegee

Paint Information Sheets

The 1973 Road Runne Roof Strobe Stripe Kit  featured a wrap around roof stripe that continued to the front fender. The Road Runner Name is cut into the side of the roof stripe with left & right running birds. Depending on your model the door stripes have the cutout for the driver and passenger side mirrors.

Road Runner Decals

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1973 Plymouth Road Runner Complete Stripe Kit

Gloss Black, Matte Black, White, Red, Paint Stencil, Reflective Black, Reflective White, Red Reflective, Gold Reflective

Mirror Choice

Single Mirror, Dual Mirrors