1973-75 Olds Cutlass Stripe Kit

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1973-75 Olds Cutlass Stripe Kit

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1973-75 Olds Cutlass Stripe Kit 

Hood/Ttrunk Stripe Kit Consist of:

Header Panel Stripe

Hood Stripe

Trunk Stripe

Body Side Stripe Kit Consist of:

Left & Right Fender Stripes

Left & Right Door Stripes

Left & Right Quarter Panel Stripes

Included with Vinyl Stripe Kit:

Vinyl Application Squeegee

3M Vinyl Application Instruction Sheet

Included with Paint Stencil Kit:

Vinyl Application Squeegee

Paint Application Instruction Sheets




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1973 Olds Cutalss Stripe Kit

Complete Vinyl White Stripe Kit, Complete Vinyl Gold Metallic Stripe Kit, Complete Black Vinyl Stripe Kit, Complete Paint Stencil Kit, Left & Right White Body Side Stripes, Left & Right Black Body Side Stripes, Left & Right Gold Metallic Body Side Stripes, Left & Right Body Side Stencil Kit, Header/Hood/Trunk/Deck White Stripes, Header/Hood/Trunk/Deck Black Stripes, Header/Hood/Trunk/Deck Gold Metallic Stripes, Header/Hood/Trunk/Deck Stencil Kit