• 1967 Z/28 Photo
  • 1967 Z/28 Photo
  • 1968 Z 28 Spoiler stripe
  • 1967-8 Z/28 Paint Stencil Kit
  • 1967 Z/28 Photo
  • 1967 Z/28 Photo
  • 1968 Z 28 Spoiler stripe
  • 1967-8 Z/28 Paint Stencil Kit

1967-68 Z/28 Camaro Paint Stencil

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1967-68 Z/28 Camaro stencil kit includes paint mask for dual stripes on header, hood, cowl, rear deck & spoiler.

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1967-68 Z/28 Camaro paint stencil kit

Kit consist of:

Left & Right front hood/header stencils

Front cowl panel stencils.

Left & Right rear deck panel stencils.

Stencils for front header panel and rear trunk lid emblems for both 1967 & 1968 models. Note GM painted around the C of the emblem.

40′ prespaced paint mask roll is included to join the front cowl panel to front hood stencils, and complete the dual stripe from rear deck panel to end of spoiler stripe.

Included with stencil kit are:

Color photos of original Z/28’s.

How to info.

PPG Paint charts.

& paint information.

Vinyl application squeegee.

Note: This kit is reproduced from an original GM paint stencil kit offered during the year of production, even the part number is used. All notches and spacing are off the original stencils.

GM Was First…
We Were Second…
to offer complete paint stencil kits for 1967 thru 1973 Chevrolet’s – since 1983

Did you know GM Paint Stencil Kits normally were partial stencil kits with no measurements included? We are the originator of complete stencil kits with both instructions and color photos of original car stripes, when possible. Even the part number is used when possible




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G.M. Emblem

1051250 1968-72 Brushed Aluminum plate used inside door opening with blue background. Great addition to any car.

1967 Brushed Aluminum plate with Teal background. Great addition to any car.


Weight 3 lbs
1967-68 Z/28 paint stencil kit

Paint stencil kit, Glove Box GM door emblem, GM emblem aluminum door emblem